This Camino starter pack will give you the essentials that you need to set you off on your journey.  The kit includes:-

  • Camino scallop shell
  • Camino Passport / Credential
  • Camino Peace Pebble
  • Camino Patch
  • Poppy Seeds to grow new memories.
  • Guidebook (Frances)
  • Packing List
  • Mini First Aid Kit


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There are many stories, legends and myths trying to explain the ancient link between the scallop shell and the Saint James Way.  Apparently, St James's body was washed up on the shores of Northern Spain in a stone coffin.  When it was opened there were hundreds of scallop shells inside. (this is the main legend). 

The scallop shell is said to be a metaphor, its lines representing the different routes pilgrims travel from all over the world, all walking trails leading to one point: the tomb of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela. 

Medieval pilgrims often wore a scallop shell attached to their cloaks or hats during their journey to Santiago, but nowadays you will see a shell swinging from the modern-day rucksack! 

When you reach Irache (just outside of Estella) there is a free wine fountain available for pilgrims.  Fill your shell with wine and be on your merry way!



A pilgrim’s passport is a must on any of the Camino routes (also known as a credential). If you wish to stay at a municipal (hostel) or parish Albergues then you will not be allowed in unless you show your passport.

The passport will have spaces for sellos, (stamps), this proves that you have walked the route.  You collect these stamps at hostels, churches, cafe's and bars along the way.  When you reach Santiago you have an opportunity to collect a certificate of achievement (known as a Compestela).  If you have not collected enough stamps along the way then you will not be able to gain your certificate.

The passport often ends up being a treasured possession as it is a great reminder of all the places where you stopped and stayed overnight.

If you are walking from St Jean or very early on any of the Camino routes you need to have one stamp per day.


These pebbles are soft to touch and very therapeutic.  Pilgrims solve many problems whilst walking with a Camino Peace Pebble in their pocket.

Available in many colours.  Simply pick the one that you feel drawn to.

  • Made from Pollyclay and smooth to the touch.
  • Orders may take up to 10 working days
  • Collection only (from Adventure Geek Walk, or Towcester)
  • If you would like them posted then charges may apply.


Cute little first aid pack that consists of:-

  • A selection of plasters (we suggest adding Compeed to the pack). 
  • Two alcohol pads,
  • Small bandage,
  • Scissors
  • Tape

It has velcro straps on the back so that you can attach it to the outside of your rucksack or onto a belt.

There is room inside for a few extra items that you will need such as safety pins, small sewing kit etc.  But this is a great little starter pack.


On my very first Camino, my mum gave me and my daughter a packet of poppy seeds each to spread on the Pyrenees and I loved the idea of growing new memories.  Included in this starter pack in a small packet of Poppy seeds.  Find a quiet spot (you will know when the time is right) and think of someone special as you set the seeds free.


There are many guide books out there, but the Michelin Guide Book is certainly the easiest book to use.  There is also an area at the back where you can collect additional stamps if you so wish.

We recommend using this in conjunction with the Buen Camino app.


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