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The Camino Inglés is a full pilgrimage that starts on the coast of Ferrol and takes you inland through gorgeous forest trails, sleepy Spanish villages and quiet country roads.  You will embrace the culture, and collect stamps in your Camino Credential from churches, cafes and bars along the way.   We guarantee that you will feel a little emotional when you arrive in Santiago de Compostela to the sound of bagpipes.  This is often a life-changing experience.

DATES: 6th-12th May 2024

  • Includes accommodation, private transfers, some meals, and luggage transfer.
  • An experienced guide on the ground.
  • Join other hikes throughout the year as part of your training.
  • A WhatsApp Group to ask questions and share your thoughts.
  • A dedicated app for this trip, including maps and everything you need to know about your adventure.
  • A Zoom call a few weeks before to get to know your fellow hikers.
  • You will receive a Camino starter pack, including a Camino shell, peace pebble, guide, Camino passport & AG t-shirt.
  • This package does NOT include flights (although we will happily advise and assist you with this).


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The Camino Inglés, otherwise known as the English Way, is a historic pilgrimage, specifically Ireland and England in the 12th century. Now, a popular tourist destination, the Camino Inglés attracts over 7,000 pilgrims each year. 

This route is often considered the hidden gem of Camino de Santiago trails. The Camino Inglés is the shortest route that satisfies the benchmark to receive a Compostela (certificate of achievement that you collect at the Pilgrims office in Santiago).  This is the perfect option for those who lack time to complete a long walk such as the Camino Francés.

  • Feeling the history at Ferrol docks where thousands of pilgrims have gone before you.
  • Forming bonds that will last forever with your fellow pilgrims.
  • Discover the real Galicia as you wander through its beautiful countryside.
  • Walking into the old town of Santiago and finishing your pilgrimage at the sublime Cathedral

May 6 – Travel Day

Depart from London Stansted Airport (STN)

Arrive at Aeropuerto De Santiago De Compostela (SCQ)

PRIVATE TRANSFER – Check in at Parador de Ferrol – Grab your first stamp. 

May 7 – Ferrol to Neda 21 km / 13 miles

The Camino Inglés begins at the ocean’s edge at the port of Ferrol. We continue the walk through the main town centre where we will see some unusual statues before heading back towards the water. It is mainly flat today and the waymarking is relatively easy to follow (although there are a few “alternate routes” and options to choose from). We finish the walk at a fabulous hotel which has its own chapel and is located on the estuary.  Bring your swim wear as the hotel has a pool. 

May 8 – Neda to Betanzos 35.4 km / 22 miles

As we leave the hotel, we have a bit of an incline. Ok, it’s actually very steep and feels like it goes on forever, but within a mile, you will have wonderful views overlooking the sea and the town of Neda. Leaving Neda also leaves the coast and takes you to quiet country roads (which will remind you of the UK countryside). You will see crop toombs which are everywhere, and see if you can count how many pampas grass plants you can spot… In May we should start seeing bluebells and cherry trees.

Our hotel is located right on the Camino and the town of Betanzos is a lively historic town. 

May 9 – Betanzos to Hospital de Bruma – Approx 17 miles (27 km)

The route to Hospital de Bruma is about 16 miles, but the hotel is a further 1.5 km (1 mile) slightly off the trail. Today’s walk brings you into the heart of rural Galicia. Enjoy a hearty breakfast as you will need the energy to face the climb out of the town. Be sure to have some supplies and snacks with you today as there are limited places to purchase anything on route. According to the guidebook, there is only one cafe stop, however, when we walked this in November we found numerous cafes open along the way.

May 10 – Hospital de Bruma to Sigueiro 26 km / 16.25 miles

This stage divides neatly into two halves. The first section proceeds mostly due south along paved roads through a series of eight small villages. Buscas proves an ideal stopping point for your first break, while Calle de Poulo is your last chance at supplies until the walks end. After that, the Camino bends to a more southwestwardly trajectory, spending much more time off-pavement and in uninhabited countryside. The final stretch parallels the expressway and then wraps around an industrial plant before finally entering Sigúerio through a pleasant, shady park.  Tonight we will experience a hostel/albergue so you will see other pilgrims that you have met along the way.  The hostel will provide bed linen and duvets, so no need to carry sleeping bags etc. 

May 11 – Sigueiro to Santiago de compostela 17.5 km / 11 miles

Get ready for Santiago! This is a short stage, making it possible for you to arrive in Santiago in time for the noon Pilgrim mass (if we start around 8 am). There are a few opportunities en route for food prior to Santiago’s outskirts. 

Today’s walk is fairly nondescript. It has a few ups and downs, but you are walking into a city, so apart from the strange “enchanted forest” it is rather unremarkable. Saying that there are a few highlights:

  • Cornfields and a strange scarecrow!
  • You will be keen to watch the milestone countdown. 
  • When it goes to less than 10km you will start to get excited!
  • See if you can spot the witch in the enchanted forest.
  • Visit the HUGE graveyard with posh grave houses (not sure what else to call them?) in the middle of an industrial estate.
  • Spot the spires of the cathedral… you are soooo close!
  • Go by Ronald MacDonald Gym… yes, it’s a thing!
  • Pop into the church on your left and get your last Camino stamp before you reach Santiago Plaza.
  • Can you hear the bagpipes?
  • If we are not together then I urge you to wait for everyone else in the plaza. Absorb the moment and clap in your fellow pilgrims. If you are waiting for others, then take a few minutes to register for your Compestella here:
  • We will then get our certificates. One is free and the Latin version is a small cost. You can buy a certificate tube in the Pilgrims office, or grab one in the shop opposite the office for a bit cheaper and a better selection.
  • We have a wonderful hotel which is just off the main plaza. We will enjoy our “last supper” together whilst opening our “tacky present” (a new AG Tradition – we ask people to buy a tacky present during the week and these are opened on our last meal together). 

May 12 – Travel home

Our flight is not until 3.15pm, so we have plenty of time to explore this wonderful city and take a look around the cathedrals and museums.  


There are some long days on this particular Camino, but the sense of achievement will fill you with pride.  It is not a flat walk and there are plenty of ups and downs that will get the heart pumping.  There are also some long sections on quiet country roads, so if you are not keen on road walking then have a think before booking. 

Walking Style:

This is a guided walk, however, our style is very different from most organised walking holidays.  We are keen for everyone to walk at their own pace.  If you want to take photos or videos or perhaps you are a super speedy walker, or just like to take your time, then our style will suit you.  You have the choice of walking with the group or walking on your own.  All we ask is that you meet us for a daily walkers briefing where you will be given places to “check-in” on the Adventure Geek app.  Safety is our number one priority. 

Type of trail:

You will follow a historic pilgrimage trail, in the footsteps of generations of travellers. 

This trip is suitable for:

If you are able to walk a minimum of 10 miles comfortably, then you will have no problems with this Camino.  I would highly recommend adding some hill training before you set off.  

Ideal if you:

  • Are you at a crossroads in your life? Many people find closure or answers to life’s problems on this trail. 
  • Interested in a spiritual journeys
  • Religious reasons 
  • Personal Growth
  • Historical Journeys

Grade & Terrain

The trail consists of a mixture of forest trails, minor roads and lots of sleepy Spanish villages.  There are steep inclines throughout the trail.  There are many cafes along the way, and you will spend lots of time next to the sea, estuaries and rivers.  If walking next to water is your thing then you will love this route. 


You have the choice to walk with the group or head off on your own.  If you decide that you wish to venture off on your own or with friends, then the Camino is very easy to follow. The route is marked with yellow painted arrows and a yellow shell on a blue background. This particular Camino has a countdown on each milestone from the very start which is highly motivating. 

You will receive a travel pack which includes a detailed guidebook with maps etc. In addition to the guidebook/map, you will also have access to our Adventure Geek App, allowing you to follow the route on your smartphone (full training will be provided)

The accommodation mainly consists of very nice hotels. We are staying in a hostel on the penultimate day, but they provide clean sheets and a duvet, towels etc. Breakfast is included for each day, however you will need to pay for your evening meals, snacks and drinks.

Standard terms of business apply –

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