Welcome to the Adventure Geek Loyalty Programme

Adventure Geek is part adventure and part geek!  We love the outdoors and nature, but we also like geeky things such as flashy shoe lights, clever walkie-talkies and apps!  If you have already attended an Adventure Geek walk then you will know that at the end of the walk we declare the stats for the route.  For example, the mileage, speed, distance and calories burnt - we just love the geekiness of it all.

Keeping in touch with our geekiness, we have now introduced a super easy loyalty system to encourage people to get outside.

Here's how it works:-

  • Check-in using the free LoyalZoo app (or simply tell us at check-in that you are here).
  • 1 point - a regular walk.
  • 1 point - if you have contributed in some way (at the walk leaders discretion).
  • 2 points - if you volunteer to be a tail walker.
  • 2 points - for assisting with a scope walk
  • 5 points - for a volunteer Walk Leader (you must be first aid qualified and know the route you are leading)
  • 10 points - for attending a micro/epic adventure ie: weekends away.

Adventure Geek Loyalty Programme

Points mean prizes. What do I get?

50 Points

If you have earned 50 points you can now redeem your points to earn an extra 10% off an Adventure Geek Micro Adventure.

A Micro-Adventure will be a day trip or weekend away, such as a trip to Snowdon, or a weekend walking along the Cotswold Way/Purbeck area etc.

100 points
150 points
200 points
300 points