Join us this Easter for a Wild Camp in your garden!

With millions of people stuck indoors, I invite you to spend a wild night camping in your garden…

About this Event

This horrible virus has brought much of the world to a drastic halt. Seeing my hiking buddies and backpacking friends stuck indoors, just as the weather turns and the nights get lighter is frustrating. If like me you are yearning for time spent outside, then I urge you to join me for a lockdown camp-out on the bank holiday weekend.

Social isolation and movement restrictions does not mean we can’t connect with nature and enjoy micro-adventure!

The Lockdown Camp-Out, has been created to offer inspiration to do just that – an overnight camp in the garden/back yard / front garden / or if you live in a flat or do not have a garden then why not camp out in your living room?

Camp alone or with the whole family and create some new memories.

How will this work?

Part of the camping experience is setting everything up, and then enjoying conversation with new and old friends while you sit around the campsite cooking dinner.

At 7 pm, I will be live on Zoom. I will have my tent set up and will be cooking something (I’ve no idea what yet!). I invite you all to join me. Say hi and show everyone your tent set up and introduce your kids. If the technology works then I will also live stream the event onto Facebook.

After the Zoom session, please share your photos and short videos from the night, and I will put a longer video together (if we have enough participants) for the event. I will slice in your videos to create a lovely memory of the night.

At 8 pm, we will be playing campfire bingo – all will be revealed!

Other camping games and fun ideas:

1. Cooking s’mores (I have never done this!).

2. Playing board games

3. Watch a film

4. Shadow puppets on the tent wall

5. Quiet contemplation time / journal writing

6. Reading a good book.

7. Listening for sounds and identifying the noises.

8. Playing card games

I am sure you can all list a lot more ideas!

See you there!

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