Did you ever notice that many successful entrepreneurs love to hike?



Welcome to the hiker's page! I’m Julia (or Ju to my friends, or Adventure Geek to those on the trail).  I am a self-confessed backpacking addict and I find that even before I have started my next hiking trip, I am already planning the trip after that!   To me, the planning part is just as exciting as the actual hike.

Below are details of the longer trails that I have completed, and I will add to them as I go.  Each hiking page contains:

  • Details of events that we are organising for this area
  • My journal entries of the actual trail (usually accompanied by a daily video of the trip)
  • A full packing list (in PDF form and website format)
  • Anything else that I feel is relevant to others that may be interested in walking that particular trail.

If you feel that something is missing, then please email me.


The Cotswold Way

The Cotswold Hills is a designated "area of outstanding natural beauty" (AONB)

The Camino Frances

Find out everything you need to know about the Camino Frances route.

The Peak Pilgrimage

Find out everything you need to know about the Peak Pilgrimage route.