rachelWalked: 18.17 miles (29.24 KM), 44,956 steps)

Weather: A real mix of rain and hot weather. It really could not make up its mind today!

Our Albergue in Zuribi was rather basic but clean and very friendly. We were lightweights and fell asleep by 9pm, which meant we were all wide awake at 5am (except Rachel, who never does early mornings).

Christina from Hawaii was wide awake at 3am so she went out to the main communal area and a French guy in his tighty whities joined her and they had a game of chess for an hour or so… Random!

Rachel had sore shoulders so we popped into the backpacking place and the lovely lady behind the counter made some shoulder pads, we added some compeed to the mix and we were good to go!

Julie, Brad and the gang headed off early and Rachel and I followed about half an hour later at our own pace.

The journey today had many highlights..

1. Rachel and I spent the first 6 miles walking together. We were occasionally joined by other walkers including a mother and 8 year old son, good old Fernando and a German couple. But we did spend more time with just me and my daughter which was really precious.

2. Our first stop was a miniature Abbey and we grabbed our first stamp of the day whilst listening to a German lady explaining the history of the place. She was so passionate about it all it was quite infectious.

3. After getting lost in Larosana we took the steep decent to a delightful cafe where we met up with Julie and crew. One by one, more people arrived and it was like a mini reunion. Amazing! Julie had a bad knee, so she took it easy for the next 10 miles and walked with Rachel and I.

4. We had lunch in the bridge that was in The Way (where he dropped his rucksack), and got more stamps from little churches.

5. The walk into Pamplona for the last 4km took ages! We finally walked through the gates around 4pm. Our longest day so far.

6. We decided to upgrade and tonight we have a private room with a bathroom to ourselves. Julie has a huge double bed and sofa in her room, AND a full size bath.

Life is good. I feel so relaxed, chilled and I have not looked at my emails once! All I have to worry about is getting up, dressed and start walking. If only the real world was this easy.

Beun Camino!

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