Day 4 – Roncesvalles to Zubiri
16.37 miles (26.34 km)

Weather: a mix of hot and light showers.

Started out at Roncesvalles Hostel at 6.45am and headed straight for Burgette (only 1.5 miles down the road). We popped into the supermarket to buy some supplies for the day ahead and then stopped for breakfast. I had the most gorgeous croissant with ham and cheese (sounds boring but it was amazing). The coffee is also the best I’ve ever had! We met this really cute husky dog at the cafe who growled at Julie when she tried to shake paws!

Brad then broke the vending machine so we only had 10 euros to last us the day until we reached Zubiri.

This is when the trek started. Rachel had problems with her feet so we took it slow and steady. We just took our time and let everyone else do their own thing. We had real mum/daughter moments today, including putting crosses made of sticks for Tim, Nan Stokes, Nan Doherty, Grandad Ireland (get well soon cross). We also started a little tradition by putting stones on top of every Camino way post that we spotted. It wasn’t until later hen we caught up with two Irish ladies that we discovered that the stones symbolised a troubled memory! But we have still kept this new tradition going as it’s just fun. We tap the stone and say “Buena Camino little stone”.

Probably the most challenging part of today’s journey was a mix of the rain and also going downhill right at the end. We could hear music and klaxons sounding which was like a real tease. I felt sorry for the Canadian lady who was nearly in tears on the decent into Zurbiri as it was so steep.

Rachel really suffered with her feet which is quite worrying. She mentioned that it’s like walking on burning coals with every step. When we finally arrived in Zurbiri I bought her some new insoles. We will see how things are tomorrow and if I need to get her new socks, or even new shoes then so be it.

We’ve had a lovely evening meal with friends from The Way. Rachel has face timed her best friend so we have one happy 13 year old, and I’ve spoken to Matt which made me feel better. Life is good.

Tomorrow we are going to see how far we get but we are hoping to get to Pamplona. (Hopefully upgrading our Albergue for a bit of luxury!).

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