Am I allowed to mention the “C” word when it is only 28th November?  For me, Christmas never really starts until a week before the event, but I know that some people are super organised and have already started shopping for their loved ones.

If you have landed on this blog then I expect it is because you are either my mum, or you are looking for gifts that are relatively inexpensive for someone in your life that loves walking.  If you are my mum, then please message me before purchasing any of the items below as I already have a number of them!

All of the items below range from £5 – £100.  If you are looking to purchase anything above this price then I would certainly speak to the recipient before doing so.  Most hikers and backpackers will spend lots of time researching the perfect items as efficiency in gear, as well as weight is hugely important. Please do not buy a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, clothes, shoes/boots or any other essential items without running it by the individual first.  I know this may spoil the surprise, but I know that I would much rather have the item I have been craving, rather than something else that is not quite right.


Click here to purchase on Amazon
approx £14.99

#1 – Boot Buddy

I have had my boot buddy for a number of years now and they are a super handy gadget to clean those muddy boots.

A walking club member keeps her in the back of the car and cleans her boots quickly at the end of every walk.  This gadget was first showcased on Dragons Den and you can now find it in most popular shops such as Sports Direct, Argos or buy direct from Boot Buddy.  They have a special gift package available at the moment which includes two lavender boot scented deodorisers and a micro-towel for wiping your boots @ £19.99. Buy from Boot Buddy here.  

seal skin socks
up to £30

#2 – Seal Skin Waterproof Socks

When I mentioned “don’t buy clothing”, socks are excluded from that statement!  Socks are always a great Christmas present and a fabulous investment for the future!  I have tried a variety of waterproof socks and by far the most effectives ones have been the Seal Skin brand.  Please don’t worry, they are not actually made of a seals skin, it is just the name of the brand!  If you have a hiker in your life who walks in all weathers then you will see the smile on their face when they are greeted by a pair of Seal Skin Waterproof socks. 

Buy from Amazon here


#3 – Travel Flask

A good walker will always want hot coffee, tea or chocolate when on a long hike during the cold weather.  Most regular flasks will not fit in the side pouches of a rucksack, therefore you end up putting it inside your pack and never drinking it!  My husband purchased an ideal flask from Tesco’s which not only keeps hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold for the whole day, but it also has a handy flip lid which I love.  It is thin enough to slip into any rucksack side pocket and the best part is that it was only £10!  Result.   The website only shows a black flask, however mine is burgundy and I believe they have a range of colours available inside the store. 

Buy from Tesco here

approx £15-£25

#4 – Merino Wool Buff

Wearing a buff or neck warmer on a cold night will instantly warm your body and make the world a better place.  You can use a Buff for many things. not just headwear.  From using it as a sweatband on your wrist, to wiping down a wet tent in the morning, to holding a hot cup so you don’t burn your hands.  

Buy from Amazon here

solar panel
approx £35


You can’t rely on a solar charger when walking in the UK, especially during the autumn and winter months, but a charger that can do both (mains/USB and solar) is worth looking at.  There are hundreds of solar chargers out there and I have tried many over the years (some were terrible!).  I purchased this one from Amazon after a fellow hiker recommended it and I have never looked back.  It takes about 25 hours to fully charge by solar and about 8hours to fully charge by the mains.  The good thing is that it will charge your phone, tablet, watch and all sorts of USB gadgets multiple times. It is waterproof and it also has an LED torch on the top. On the trail, this power pack lasted four days before I needed to recharge it and I have lots of gadgets! 

Buy from Amazon here

zip printer
approx £80


If there is one gadget that I get asked about a lot it is my little mini polaroid zip printer.  Having the ability to print photos and add them to a journal when I am out on my travels is a real luxury, but a brilliant way to document your hike.  

Buy from Amazon here

waterproof cards
approx £6


Another luxury for any backpacker but there is nothing better than a group of hikers all playing cards together.  If you are camping then these waterproof cards are a great idea, but even if you are not, then they are great to have in your pack as they are super durable. 

Buy from Amazon here

sock gaiters
approx £20


These gaiters are so light you don’t even know that you are wearing them.  They are not waterproof but they do keep all the crap / debris out of your shoes when walking.  Purchase them from Amazon or Cotswold outdoors. 

Buy from Amazon here

If you are still not sure what to buy for your beloved hiker then please comment below and I will happily share some more ideas.

Happy Christmas!

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