The day we enjoyed a jacuzzi in the middle of nowhere

DISTANCE: 12 miles

Today was a nice short day. When did 12 miles become a short day??

Anyway, we left Boente around 7.30am in the cold misty weather. We now have milestones on the side of the road with a countdown to Santiago which is quite motivational. This mornings countdown started at 49km to Santiago and we now have less than 30km to go! I remember seeing a sign in the early days of this trip that said 790 km to go…. boy it’s been a journey and a half!

Today was more “green tunnel” as we traipsed through woods. There were surprisingly many hills today and my muscles are aching.  We passed a man with a rescue donkey, a weird bar that has been decorated with beer bottles and a wall of motivational sayings.  We met a guy called Michael with a guitar who was from Surrey and started his Camino in April. He was walking with a girl from Glasgow and they were both camping along the Camino.

Rachel and I arrived at our hostel around 1.30pm.  Rachel had a snooze (for 3 hours!), and I enjoyed the jet-fuelled shower. They serve non-alcohol beer here so I indulged in a few beers and read my book on the sun lounger. I feel like I’m on holiday today!

Julie, Ana, Louise and Daniel arrived around 4 pm. It sounds like they stopped at every cafe along the way today and also spent time paddling in the river.

We all got together in the cold jacuzzi and met new friends. After dinner (the best meal so far) we all had an early night.

Tomorrow is our last night on the Camino as we reach Santiago on Wednesday.

I’m rapidly running out of cash as Galacia is significantly more expensive. I’m constantly dipping into the next days budget. We started the trip at a budget of around €30 a day each (including food and accommodation). I’m now spending around €45 a day. ATM machines are scarce and it’s rare that a hostel will take a card. Hopefully we will be ok for the next two days!

I’m looking forward to completing this challenge but I’m also looking forward to going home to my hubby, dog and my own bed.

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