Treat of the week – Buff

A Buff is a staple within anyone’s gear list if you are a hiker and I was distraught when I lost mine on the Camino Inglés trail back in October.  I do wear a mission control neck gaiter which has a snappable technology within the material that keeps you cool in the warm weather, but I missed the comfort of my cotton Buff.

Last week I popped into Cotswold Outdoors on the hunt for a new buff that I could take along with me on my upcoming Camino.  I will still take my mission control one, however, this new buff I can wear as a beanie (so no need to take my woollen hat) but I will mainly wear it on my wrist.

In addition to wearing it on my wrist, the video demonstrates other ways to wear a Buff:-

  • Sweatband
  • Neck gaiter
  • The Beanie
  • The Facemask
  • The Balaclava
  • The Pirate

I do love my Buff!

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