A few years ago I climbed Snowdon in the pouring rain.  It was great fun but my boots were soaked and no amount of newspaper was going to get them dry. I remember feeling rather envious of the guy at the YHA who had his boots all plugged with these dryers so I immediately purchased some on Amazon.  They were delivered a few days later and that was nearly three years ago… I have never used them since until this weekend!

What do I love about these boot dryers?

  • Very easy to use – just plug and play!
  • They are intended to dry your boots out slowly so that the glue does not come away.
  • There is quite a long cable.

What do I dislike?

  • The only thing that I don’t like is the weight.  They are great for weekend trips, but a bit of a luxury for a backpacking trip where you need to carry all of your equipment.



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