Cam MinoHow do you make your rucksack stand out from the crowd?

After watching “The Way” I really didn’t want our rucksacks disappearing or being stolen, so I had a good hard think about how we could make our packs a little bit different to everyone else’s.

I posted on the Camino forum – “How do you personalise your rucksack” and the results were fabulous.  From flags to badges and patches to fluorescent straps. One person had a teddy bear that was extremely well travelled, and this got me thinking about the sock monkeys that we have at work.  I have another sock monkey at work called Marvin, and he comes along with me to events and conferences.

I messaged Katie from Monkeytastic on Facebook and told her what my plans were.  The criteria was:-

  • I needed mini-monkies, nothing too big.
  • I wanted blue and yellow colours (same as the Camino)
  • I also needed to be able to attach them to our rucksacks easily

Katie was brilliant and came back really quickly with pictures of socks.  “What do you think to these she says?”


I chose the ones on the left, and Rachel chose the ones on the right.  Katie also offered to attach a keyring fob with ribbon so that we can secure the mini monkeys to our rucksacks.

A week or so later I had a message from the office to say that a parcel had arrived and our monkeys now have new homes – attached to our rucksacks!  We absolutely love them and we will take them with us on our travels.  You will see them on our camping trips, and of course our Camino trips!

We had a think about names (every monkey needs a name!).  We decided to call my monkey “Cam”  and Rachel’s monkey “Mino”.  (Cheesy I know!).

So please say hello to Cam and Mino below!


I am curious – how would you personalise your rucksack or backpack?


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