Pimp Your Poles Like A Pro!

Pimp your walking poles. Make them stand out from the crowd.

If you have walked the Camino then you will recognise the familiar sight of lots of rather similar looking walking poles all clumped together in a bucket at the front of the Albergue. I have known other pilgrims walk off with the wrong poles (and the wrong walking boots!) by accident, so it's important to make your poles stand out from the crowd. Think about your luggage at the airport. It is much easier to spot your own suitcase on the conveyor belt if you have put a bright coloured ribbon around the outside, or you have a unique looking case. It is highly unlikely that someone will walk off with your suitcase in error if it stands out from the crowd, and the same goes for your poles!

Do you ever leave your poles behind?

I have lost count how many times I have stopped for lunch and accidentally left my walking pole behind and had to run back for it. Poles are not cheap, plus if you use your poles to put up your tent then losing one can be a nightmare! If you have a bright coloured pole with a snazzy design then you are more likely to spot it (or your walking buddies may spot it) before you walk half a mile and realise you left it behind!. I think these vinyls are brilliant and will save me lots of anxiety and frustration during future hikes.

In this video, I talk about a company called Stixskins who sent me some very unique vinyl strips that will change my boring Leki poles into snazzy walking poles! They also sent me a walking pole bag, along with matching bandana / buff and gloves. What do you think? Would you “pimp your poles?”. I love mine!

More designs and details can be found here:

  • Walking pole prints / vinyl (Here)
  • Walking pole gloves (Here)
  • Walking pole fingerless gloves (Here)
  • Walking Pole Carry Bag (Here)


If you have plans to walk the Camino or perhaps another long-distance trail, then I would recommend getting some of these strips (they have more manly ones available!). They are waterproof and weather proof so will last a full thru-hike and beyond!

Remember, Get Outside, Get Inspired and Go Take A Hike!