A Geocaching Hike in Northamptonshire

Geocaching in Northamptonshire

On a very foggy and misty Sunday morning in December I drove a short distance to a small village in Northamptonshire, not far from my home to have a mini-adventure.

Every now and then it is good to just get outside on your own on the hunt for treasure. Or, in my case, little plastic boxes that are full with Christmas cracker toys and a log book. Looking at the geocaching app, I could see a circular walk from Greens Norton that would include approximately 15 geocaches to find. So, with my new Naturehike Rock backpack on, I decided to head out into the countryside, on the search for little plastic tubes.

As you will see from the video, it was quite an adventure. I had an injury in the line of duty (cut my finger on a thorn bush), I had to climb in and out of lots of ditches, and put my hands in a few places that I would rather not! I did get a few strange looks from a farmer and some other walkers on the day. I must have looked a bit strange standing in a ditch with my hand stuck up the inside of a tree!

I actually found nine caches in the end and a few “DNF's” – Did not find! Cache number nine was my favourite. It was a little mouse home stuff behind some rocks in the foot of a big old tree, the other side of a ditch!

I hope you enjoy the video.


If you have never tried geocaching then it is a great way to explore the outdoors and kids love it! There is a free version of the app and then if you want to find additional caches then simply upgrade to the premium version. It's good fun, but be warned…. it can be addictive!

Remember, Get Outside, Get Inspired and Go Take A Hike!