The Soto Amicus Stove and New River Pot | Why I ditched my Jetboil

soto amicus backpacking stove

Winter is coming! With all my winter gear such as a new sleeping quilt, extra hand warmers, additional clothing, waterproof socks and a whole list of other winter essentials, I needed to lighten my load. The first thing I did was swap my Osprey pack for a Salomon Outweek, which saved me around 3lbs in weight, but now I had another problem, not everything fitted into my pack! The Salomon was fabulous for summer hikes and worked a treat on the Jurassic Way, but when I added the new Thermarest quilt and essential clothing I was struggling to fit everything. Something had to change!

The Jetboil had to go!

I love my Jetboil and I thought this would be one of the last things I would ditch, but after extensive research online it just had to go.

For winter trails and longer backpacking trips, I am swapping over to the Soto Amicus Stove and River Pot Combo Set.

What I love about the Soto Amicus Stove

  • Love the height of the packed combo set, it is much smaller than the Jetboil.
  • The River Pot fits a Sea to Summitt larger mug (The Jetboil can only fit the smaller cup).
  • The Soto 1litre pot can house adventure foods – unlike the Jetboil where you have to empty the contents into the pot, which makes more washing up.
  • It has a little lip to help prevent the wind from getting to the flame (although it is no way near as efficient as the Jetboil wind prevention system).
  • The silicone handles on the pot are a nice addition, which means I won't burn my fingers.
  • The stove has a flame adjuster so you can simmer food if need be and control the amount of gas that you use.
  • The 100g gas canister fits inside the pot easily with plenty of room to spare.
  • The weight of the combo, including pot stand, gas, lighter etc is around 400g, whereas the Jetboil came in at 542g (see video below for full review).
  • I also like the price. At just £41 for the complete set it is a bargain compared to the £100 I spent on the Jetboil.

What I don't like about this combo

  • I don't like the lid and wish it fitted better onto the pot.
  • The mesh bag that it comes with is rather pathetic (I need to get a new bag)
  • I will need an elastic band to keep everything together.
  • It's not as fast to boil water and it is not as efficient with gas consumption as the Jetboil.


I will stay with the Soto stove combo for all long-distance hikes and multi-day trips as the weight and size are worth the sacrifice of the negative issues listed above. However, for Camino trips and day hikes where I won't be taking a tent or any camping gear, then the Jetboil wins hands down.

Pot stand £9.23 –

Sea to Summit Cup £10.97 –

Sea to Summit Mug £12.99 –

Soto Stove with Pot Combo – £41.13 –

Jetboil Flash £99.65 –