Day 4 on Hadrian's Wall

Twice Brewed to Banks

DISTANCE: 15.87 (as I also enjoyed a section along the Penine Way today by mistake!)


WEATHER: Hot! Dam Hot!


🥚 Eggs benedict for breakfast (but a bit snotty egg for me)

🥾 Today’s terrain was tough! The downs were much harder than expected, especially in that heat!

🧱 We spent lots of time along the wall today seeing forts, turrets and milecastles.

🐄 dodged lots of cows today.

☀️ Helen sent a random message to our WhatsApp group. This is what it said “ST ta sad Teryn red fry it thx guest tas stays study d dad days dad fry deer dry gud seers staff set red rod dry y you are td s dust tyts TTY’s RT is fi r Utd sit try yes guy if a dry u us u te fifty s if dry s gd W” – if anyone can translate then let me know! lol 😂

🏨 Our b&b is brilliant! Four of us are staying at The Old Vicarage Brewery in Walton. We have home-brewed ale, and murder stories from the host. It’s been very entertaining! Early night…. Carlisle tomorrow!