Day 3 on Hadrian's Wall

The one with Sycamore Gap.

LOCATION: Chollerford to Twice Brewed

DISTANCE: (double checked!) 12.9 miles. Poles were needed today! 

WEATHER: Absolutely brilliant. We’ve been so lucky with the weather. Today’s been a suncream kind of day with a nice gentle breeze. Fabulous! 

TERRAIN: Stunning views but very challenging steep hills. Lots of ups and downs today!

Total walked on the trail so far: 43 miles


⛑ HEALTH: There are now a few blisters within the group. One has a pain behind the left knee which has stopped play. We also have chafing issues, a touch of shin splints and hip issues. But spirits are high and with exception to a bit of discomfort we are all good to go and carry on! We are like the Roman Soldiers! 

📦 First stop was literally up the road as all of us queued for our first stamp just 0.3 miles into the walk. There was a little box outside Chesters Roman Fort and museum. 

🚑 We kept seeing two ambulances driving up and down the road… weird! 

🥾 Within a few miles the group settled in to our little waves of people.  Speedy Herb & Stuart we’re off like loaded springs. Swiftly followed by the Whirlwind Shuttle Group. The rest of us just played leapfrog all day. 

🏰 We were all rather excited when we saw our first big chunk of the wall just a few miles into the walk. Wow! Then the day unfolded and each turn just got more and more stunning.  

💩 Oops, one person who shall not be named was rather attracted to poop today. This person trod in dog poo, and sat in sheep poo!  We were all very sympathetic and didn’t find it funny at all. 

🚶‍♀️ We met lots of hikers today. Many were just doing the middle section and missing out the top and tail parts of the walk. Each to their own but I think you appreciate it more when you’ve gone through the not so nice bits. 

🏰 Another stamp was acquired at Housesteads (owned business the English Heritage but your National Trust card will also give you access). We stopped here for lunch. 

Wow! The views from being up so high were out of this world. You can see why the Romans built a wall here. The terrain was quite tough with the continuous and often very steep ups and downs, but it was brilliant! 

🏃‍♂️ Nick decides to run up one of the steep inclines (see video). Then s a bit later on Tin did the same. Mad people! 

🐜 Flying ants were everywhere! 

🦟 Also midges!!!!! 

🐛 We saw a huge and gross caterpillar (see video) 

🌳 I have been waiting to see Sycamore Gap since day 1. This is the famous tree in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves film. We finally came across it on the last mile today. It was worth the wait. 

I can’t wait until tomorrow’s apparently the views just get better! 

Bring it on!!