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Jeff Kinny – From A Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This week's Podcast in a Nutshell:-

This week's podcast in a nutshell:-

#1 – We always start the podcast with a bit of a quiz in the form of “guess the sound”. For those of you who have mentioned that these sounds are difficult to identify, I have an easy one for you this week. 

#2 – Segment two continues with the adventures of Janet & John’s latest antics.  This week, take a trip down memory lane!

#3 – Segment number three is an interview with  Emily Wright. Emily is an ultra hiker.  If hearing about blisters makes you squeamish, then it may be best to skip this week’s interview! 

#4 – The fourth segment is an education slot about my favourite walking magazines. (links below)

#5 – We then end the show with Derek & Doreen’s as they continue their shopping adventures (lots of giggles in this one).


#1 – Country Walking Magazine

If you are walking the #walk1000miles challenge then you will already know about my favourite magazine called Country Walking. Country Walking is Britain's bestselling walking magazine.  Whether it's a trip to the Lake District or a simple wander in your local woods, Country Walking helps you discover Britain on foot.

#2 – The Great Outdoors Magazine

The Great Outdoors Magazine was created by hillwalkers for hillwakers, The Great Outdoors Magazine (or the TGO as it is fondly known) has been providing outdoor enthusiasts with ideas, inspiration and the best gear reviews in the industry for 37 years.

Published every four weeks, Britain’s original outdoor magazine is packed full of stunning photography, top class writing and brilliant walking and backpacking routes, along with authoritative gear reviews from the country’s most experienced team of testers and essential skills advice from highly qualified outdoor instructors.

#3 – BBC Countryfile Magazine Subscription

Immerse yourself in the glories of the great British countryside.

There is so much to see, celebrate and discover in the British countryside, but where do you start? How about with a BBC Countryfile magazine subscription? Each issue is brimming with fresh and interesting ideas for exploring our beautiful landscape and heritage, watching wildlife and enjoying great local food. You don't have to go far and wide to get a taste of it all. Subscribe today and let it come straight to your door. Benefits include:

  • Great savings on the UK shop price
  • Delivery to your door in recyclable paper wrapping
  • Monthly reader photo competition
  • Stunning wildlife photography
  • Regular special offers for readers

See you next week.

Remember to Get Outside, Get Inspired and Go Take A Hike!