I'm off to walk the Jurrasic Way

The Jurassic Way is an 88 mile hike from Stamford in Lincolnshire to Banbury in Oxon. However, due to Covid19 restrictions, we will be camping rather than B&B (all being well with government guidelines, of course) – we leave on 4th July (fingers crossed).

Testing the Salomon Out Week 38l + 6l pack

I set out on a 7.5-mile hike from my house with a fully loaded pack. The weight of the pack was just under 18lbs and had everything from my tent/camping gear, clothes, toiletries and first aid. I even carried an extra pair of camp shoes (full loadout video is coming soon).

My main concerns were:

  • Would the pack cause pain to my shoulders and hips and it sits much lower than regular packs.
  • Would I have issues with the soft flask – is it easy to drink from when hiking?


The pack was extremely comfortable and I had no chafing or sore shoulders / hips. I will go out again next weekend for a two day longer hike, which will be the final test, but so far this pack is the most comfortable pack I have ever worn.

But, I did have three gripes:

  1. Unlike my Osprey pack, there is no store as you go feature for your trekking poles. I found it frustrating that I had to stop, take my pack off to store my pole.
  2. I also had issues with the sternum strap as it often came loose while walking. I think this is not really a fault with the pack, it is more of a user problem as I store my phone, on a holster on the chest strap. This adds unnecessary weight to the strap and naturally pulls it loose. But I have not had this issue with either of my Osprey packs.
  3. There is cushioning on the back of the pack which makes it comfy, but there is very little air circulation so my back would get sweaty very quickly. The Osprey has an air gravity system, but it also weighs a hell of a lot more, so I am happy with a sweaty back in exchange for a much lighter pack.

In a nutshell

This is one of the best backpacks I have owned to date. Once I have completed a full thru-hike and put some good mileage on the pack then I will complete a full review.

Salomon Out Week 38 + 6 L back – purchase one from Amazon here.