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“With every walk in nature, one receives far more than he seeks”

John Muir

This week's Podcast in a Nutshell:-

#1 – We always start the podcast with a bit of a quiz in the form of “guess the sound”.  This week we have one of the most dangerous animals that roam this planet!

#2 – Segment two continues with the adventures of Janet & John’s latest antics.  This week the brother and sister duo enjoy some riparian entertainment.

#3 – Segment number three is an interview with Neil Sinclair.  If you have ever fancied exploring New Zealand, especially the Abel Tasman track then this is the podcast for you.

#4 – The fourth segment is an education slot. This week I am going to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about walking socks.

#5 – We then end the show with Derek & Doreen’s latest antics as they discover that sometimes torches don’t always help us to see in the dark.


1. Find out more about the Abel Tasman Trail here

2. Hiking socks links

See you next week.

Remember to Get Outside, Get Inspired and Go Take A Hike!