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“Carry as little as possible, but choose that little with care” – Earl Shafer

This week's Podcast in a Nutshell:-

  • Soundbite is a strange bird who can change colour in different seasons
  • More adventures from Janet & John
  • An interview with Kathryn Ozlati about the wonderful country of Iran
  • Education slot showcases three adventure films to watch. 
  • We end the show this week with a Hellidon walk with Derek & Doreen. 

The films I mentioned were

  • Wild – with Reece Witherspoon on Netflix (here)
  • A Walk in the Woods – by Bill Bryson, starring Robert Redford – on Amazon 
  • The Way – Martin Sheen – a tale of the Camino (Amazon)

See you next week.

Remember to Get Outside, Get Inspired and Go Take A Hike!