Item: Umbrella Clip

Cost: £1.00

Used for: Attaching your umbrella to a rucksack

Enjoyment Level: Brilliant!


I have walked with an umbrella now for many years.  A trekking umbrella is brilliant in the rain and is also fantastic in the hot sun.  The Euroschirm umbrella that I have weighs approximately 8oz and is perfect for any long trip (especially if you know you are going to be walking in the blazing heat, or if rain is on the agenda!).  Anyway, when you walk with hiking poles then holding an umbrella as well can be cumbersome.  For years I have attached my umbrella using some shock-cord, which was ok but it wasn't the best solution.

At the tail end of December 2019, I was fed up of walking in the rain.  My umbrella was not very secure and I found myself holding my trekking pole under my armpit while grabbing the umbrella with the other hand.  I needed a better solution.  I stumbled upon the hydration bladder clips and wondered if they would work?  OMG!  They are perfect and clip onto both my day pack and my main Osprey Aura 50 with no issues at all!  I love it!

What do I dislike?

  • The only thing that I don't like is that the clip can come off and turn 180 degrees.  I have pulled the clip off a few times in error which is a bit frustrating.

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