GEAR REVIEW – Muck Boot / Walking Wellies

Item: Walking Wellies

Cost: approx £115

Used for: Hiking in wet and muddy terrain

Enjoyment Level: Warm, dry, toasty feet!

Grade: 4/5

Feature: A warm fleece lining to keep your feet toasty in temperatures as low as -40C.

artic wellies - muck boots

GEAR REVIEW - Muck Boot - Women’s Arctic Sport 11 Tall Boots


Here goes – a review of my Muck Boots after a very wet and muddy walk around Long Buckby!

My boots were very comfy – I wore two pairs of socks to ensure my feet did not slip around (as Nigel’s did the previous day).  However, as I have one foot slightly bigger than the other it felt a little too snug – so for my next muddy walk, I will try with only one pair of socks. 

The sizing of the boots is called a true size – I am a size 6 and the size 6 Muck boot is a good fit for me.  Normally I go up a size for my walking boots.  As these were boots specifically for women (there are some unisex Muck Boots), the upper part of the boot was slimmer – I still had some room left around my calf but not too much.

The boots were very nice to walk in – comfy and not too heavy.  Needless to say, they kept my feet and legs mud-free when walking through the very muddy fields.  It was nice not having to worry about mud going into my walking boots!

Overall I am glad I bought these – they are expensive for what may be seen as wellies, but it will mean my walking boots will last longer as they won’t be getting as muddy. Also, as I will only wear them when it is muddy they should last for a long time.




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