Item: Winter Gloves

Cost: c£17.99

Used for: Hiking in the cold and wet weather

Enjoyment Level: Warm, dry, toasty hands!


On Monday I dropped my waterproof gloves in the car park after one of our AG Club walks, but luckily one of my members noticed and handed them back to me.  Wearing black gloves on dark nights is probably not a good idea!  Then, during a daytime walk on Wednesday I had once again dropped my gloves but this time no-one saw the incident.  I went back to the place where I assumed I had left them, but no, it was time to say goodbye to those gloves and start the process of researching for a new pair.

My criteria:-

  • I needed a pair that I couldn't loose! But I wasn't keen on adding string to a pair of gloves in the same way my mum did for me as a child.
  • With all this rain I needed them to be waterproof.
  • I suffer with bad circulation, therefore thermal gloves were essential.
  • I didn't want black gloves - they needed to have some colour.
  • The most important criteria for me was a touchscreen that actually works.  All the gloves that I have had in the past have not worked well when it comes to using my phone.  I end up having to take off my glove to take photos or a video, which is how I end up losing them.

I purchased the Songwin Waterproof Winter Gloves

  • Breathable and waterproof - tick!
  • They have a neat little unique design with a flip back thumb and index finger feature - which I love!
  • But, it also has a touchscreen features sewn into the thumb and index finger, so you can still use the gloves on your phone without exposing your finger (and it actually works!).
  • The small fit was perfect for my tiny hands.
  • Velcro strap on the wrist ensures that no cold air can get in.
  • Non slip palms which are great for my walking poles
  • They have magnets on both gloves, so you can attach them together or clip them to your backpack easily.
  • And if the magnets are not enough for you, then you can use the little hook and clip to attach them to your pack, belt or jacket (so you don't lose them!).

What do I dislike?

  • The only thing that I don't like that much is the colour.  If you have small hands, and you don't want plain black, then you have to buy yellow.  They do have red but these are in the bigger sizes.



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