Item: Montane Women's Hiking Leggings

Cost: £70

Used for: All my walks!

Enjoyment Level: Should have swapped years ago!

Hiking Leggings Review after over 1000 miles!

In September 2018 I purchased my very first pair of hiking leggings.  I spent ages online looking for the right pair that would suit my needs.  I wanted something that was super comfortable, not tight, was water-resistant and had pockets.  I tried numerous pairs of hiking leggings, but eventually, I settled on the Montane Women's Ineo Pro pants.

What I like about these leggings:-

  • The colour (although they do a variety of colours)
  • Water-resistant (sort of)
  • The inside is super soft
  • High waisted
  • No flapping of the trouser leg
  • Two zip pockets
  • They also dry super fast!

What I didn't like?

  • In the heat, they can get a bit sweaty behind the knees.

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