Item: Altra Lone Peak Trail Runners

Total Cost: £139.00

Used for: 3 Season Hiking

Enjoyment Level: Best shoes so far!

Gear Review after 600 miles!

After watching endless YouTube videos I was hooked with the Altra Lone Peak 4.0's so I purchased a pair in May 2019.  Since then I have walked two long-distance trails. The Camino (in the pouring rain through the Pyrenees) and The South Downs Way (on chalky clifftops and hard ground).  I also used them 3 times a week (often more) with the AG walking club.  I am currently walking the 1000 mile challenge (Which I completed during the SDW), and continued to record my mileage, hence I know that these shoes lasted approximately 600 miles before I had to wish them a fond farewell.

What I like about these shoes:-

  • The colour (although they do a variety of colours)
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof (sort of)
  • Extra-wide toe-box
  • Zero drop soul
  • The tread/grip is fantastic
  • I also love the gaiter strap (why don't more shoes do this?)

What I didn't like?

  • As the toe box is wide, there is a tight-fitting on the back, which made it difficult to get your foot into.  I thought this would give a bit with age but it didn't.
  • The shoelaces - I prefer the Solomon no-tie shoelace style.
  • The look of the wide toe-box (clown feet), but hey, I prefer comfort over style any day.

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