Item: Midori Travel Journal & refills

Total Cost: c£25 for the journal & £7.95 for refill packs of 3

Used for: Daily journalling

Enjoyment Level: Couldn't live without it.

Treat of the week

I have been a fan of writing a diary or journal since I was a teenager.  I have a whole range of different sorts of journals until two years ago when I stumbled upon the Midori Journalling world.  I say world because it is a whole world.  Just type Midori Journal into Instagram and you will see what I mean.  Some people are much more creative than me, but I do enjoy the daily ritual of completing my journal, along with a Polaroid photo.

Why do we like to document our lives?  As I type those words I feel another blog coming on.....

Amazon - Midori Travellers Notebook - here.

Amazon - Polaroid Zip Printer - here

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