Item: iOS App & Apple Watch App

Total Cost: free

Used for: Journaling on the go

Enjoyment Level: So far so good!

Treat of the week

As many of you may know, I enjoy documenting my travels and recording the stories and ideas as they happen.  When I am walking, endless ideas pop into my mind and I find that I am constantly having to stop to write notes, or worse, I decided that if it was important then I will remember it later!  Needless to say, I would end up with days when I had written loads of content and other days when I hardly wrote a thing.

Whilst walking the South Downs Way, the colleague I was trekking with was constantly using his Apple Watch for all sorts of things.  He would phone his family, check the weather, ask it questions and the response was rather impressive.  I am not a big fan of voice-activated apps as they never understood my accent, but I was tempted to give it another try using my Apple Watch.  Perhaps this could be the answer that I have been looking for?

Bear app

The Bear app is similar to Onenote, Evernote or even the native Apple Notes and it is rather slick.  It is easy to sort your notes into folders (using their tag system), and you can even write full blog articles (including adding photos, formating the headings and text) and then upload directly to WordPress using the notes app.  This is all very handy but I really wanted to test out their Apple Watch version.  If I was able to write full notes by simply chatting into my watch, and it transcribes as I go then this could be a winner.

I was quite skeptical but the watch app seems to work really well and it understands everything that I say (so far!).  I have only tested it inside the house, so it will be interesting to see how it copes out on the field.

My next long walk is the Gritstone Trail at the beginning of August, so I will let you know how I get on with it!  Wish me luck!


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