Item: Various gifts from friends

Total Cost: no idea!

Used for: All sorts of things

Enjoyment Level: I'm so thankful!

Treat of the week - A range of gifts


Each week something usually lands through the letterbox via Amazon, Ebay or some type of outdoors shop.  This week I was so surprised when numerous friends and acquaintances showered me with gifts throughout the week.  I feel that I have had a birthday that has lasted a whole week!

Check out the video to see the following gifts.

  • A "mini-me" which was lovingly created by Lizzi Bucklow Holt.  There is so much detail on this doll (is it a doll?) and so much thought has gone into personalising it for me that I shed a little tear of thanks.  Wow!
  • Another amazingly talented lady called Dawn Gatehouse then turned up at my office (aka Starbucks) with shoe-tags which we can personalise, achievement rings for Adventure Geek walkers and a lovely heart shaped disc with a symbolic message on it.
  • The postman delivered my next gift which was from a lady called Diana in Daventry - it was a cow with a big spike coming out of it's rear end and you stick it in a plant pot.  It came with the message "saw this and thought of you" - it did put a smile on my face!
  • The last gift was from Mark V who lent me a book called The Salt Path, which is a true story about the South West Coastal Path.  When I have finished it, I will write up a review.

This week was a good week - thank you, everyone.

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