• Micro Adventure Progress Bar for 2019


Time Taken: 1 night

Difficulty Level: easy

Location: Crick, Northants

Gear Taken: Overnight camping gear and wine!

Enjoyment Level: Good fun!

The Adventure Begins

For a while now, I have tried to live my life with an element of spontaneity, just to make life a little bit more interesting.  So, on one Sunday morning, I decided that I wasn't going to spend all day in front of a computer, I was actually going to have a little adventure instead.   I sent a text message to my best friend to say "are you busy tonight?  Did you fancy a little adventure?".  Julie responded with a simple "Count me in, when and where?" and the plans started to take shape.

I drove to Crick in Northants which is about 11 miles from my house.   I needed to scope out a new trail as I am creating downloadable walks on my website, so this way I didn't feel guilty about taking the day off work!  I took a few hours to map and photo the Crick and Yelvertoft trail then headed back to the Crick Car Park for 5.30pm to meet up with Julie, Becky and Rachel.

There is something a bit exciting about being a bit naughty.  It is actually illegal to wild camp in the UK, so we needed to have a bit of stealth about our camping spot if we were going to have a successful night.  We climbed Cracks Hill which is not a massive hill (492 ft), but it is rather steep and the views are wonderful.  We had a chit chat with a lady who was exploring the area with her little dog who warned us that it would reach 2 degrees tonight.  Apparently, she was on holiday in a narrowboat and we could see where she was moored from the top of the hill.  We watched her make her way back down the hill and then set to work.  The tents needed to be erected, the airbeds pumped up and the bedding made nice and cosy.

Within 30 mins we were all done and the hunger pains had started.  I got my Jetboil out and commenced cooking bolagnaise and pasta.  Rachel enjoyed sausages and beans whilst Julie and Becky were sensible and brought sarnies and salads (no washing up!).  They also thought ahead and had a flask of hot water for their hot water bottles.  I was kicking myself "why didn't I think of that?".

As the sun started to go down on the horizon we enjoyed having a go on the rope swing and created a photo shoot.  We then kept warm with race around the beacon and see who wins!  During this time the hillside became laden with sheep and lambs.  A couple of them were stamping their feet at us whenever we went near them which was a bit scary.  I was not 100% sure if I wanted to camp in the same field as these sheep, but I didn't really have much of a choice!

We watched the sun go down and then retracted to Julie's tent to play "Hum It".  This is a silly game where you pick a card at random and then hum the song whilst your team tries to guess what you are humming.  It sounds easier than it is!  Try it now someone nearby - I dare you to hum "Bohemium Rhapsody" and see if they can guess it within 60 seconds.  I can't remember who won but it was a fun game.

By 10 pm we were beaten and it was time to snuggle up in our sleeping bags and try and get some sleep.  It was rather chilly, but with two people in the tent, it wasn't that bad.  The little hand and foot warmers came in handy!

6 am, everyone was wide awake, including the sheep!  Boy, are they noisy in the morning! We packed up and were sitting in McDonald's having a sausage and egg McMuffin by 6.30am.


I love these micro-adventures and it is great to continue to add to the memory bank.  I also love capturing the experience on video as they are great to look back on and relive it all again.

A big thanks to Julie, Becky and my lovely cheeky daughter Rachel.  Without you guys, this wouldn't have been half as much fun!



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