Item: Altra Lone Peak 4.0 Trail Runners

Total Cost: £130

Used for: Hiking in warm weather

Enjoyment Level: So far so good!

Treat of the week - Altra Lone Peak Trail Runners

I was looking for a trail runner that had a larger / wider toe box that my current Solomon trail runners as I had been experiencing blisters in very warm weather with the Solomons.  With the Altra Lone Peaks (for women), you also have:-

  • Waterproof shoe
  • The mesh used on the upper part of the shoe is not only more breathable, but it has improved durability and security.
  • The Foot shape toe box allows your toes to spread out more naturally, offering greater comfort and stability in uphill climbs and downhill descents.
  • Thicker material coverage and support is offered to the toes and the heel, protecting it from bumps and downward forces.
  • The upper is waterproof, stopping any liquid from entering the shoe and causing discomfort.
  • They work well with no-tie shoelaces (although the way they are tied up is a bit strange but effective).
  • Heel loops make transporting muddy shoes indoors is quick and easy, but I also use them to help me put them on my feet!
  • A four-point Gaitertrap is a hook and loop tab that allows you to attach a strapless gaiter, which would prevent debris and grit from entering and causing irritation.  I use Montane runner gaiters purchased in Cotswold Outdoors.
  • The EVA midsole contains many areas with features that provide the shoe with extremely responsive rebound and cushioning, as well as the standard EVA that also protects and rebounds.
  • A-Bound and energy-return compound sits directly underneath the foot, which reduces ground impact, returning the energy as a spring for each step that you take.
  • The feet sit on the midsole on a zero drop platform (which takes a bit of getting used to!).  This means the heel and the forefoot are the same distance from the ground, encouraging proper low-impact form throughout your trail run.
  • Found in between the A-Bound and the EVA midsole, there is Altra's Stoneguard. This is a shield that offers flexible protection by deflecting rocks into the midsole, making the ride feel smoother.

Link to purchase these on Amazon is here. 

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