Item: Dead Cat Windshield for Osmo Pocket

Total Cost: £10.99 (dead cats)

Used for: Windshield for microphone on the Osmo Pocket

Enjoyment Level: Not bad

Treat of the week - Windshield for Osmo Pocket

The DJI Osmo Pocket has two pinhole microphones.  One on the bottom and one on the front of the gadget.  The audio is not that bad and is very similar sound quality to my iPhone X.  I really didn't want to start using external microphones and set up rigs etc as I wanted to just catch raw material on the hop.  I enjoy lightweight trekking and if you start adding all sorts of gizmo's and gadgets then the weight soon adds up.  The problem I have is that when you are up on the hills or in the mountains the wind can ruin your footage.  I was after a quick fix solution that didn't cost me a fortune.  DJI now produce an Audio Adaptor, but it is £35, and then you need to purchase a microphone to plug into the adaptor.  I wanted a plug and play option.  I then stumbled upon these pinhole windshields - brilliant!

If you want to know if it makes a difference in the sound quality, then check out the video. I don't think it makes an amazing difference, but you can certainly hear less wind noise in the second clip.


Link to purchase these on Amazon is here. 

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