Item: No-Tie-Shoelaces

Total Cost: £3.50

Used for: Walking boots, trainers, trail runners

Enjoyment Level: Saves lots of hassle!

Treat of the week - No-Tie-Shoelaces

I was introduced to these shoelaces via my brother who is a runner.  He swore by them and I purchased a couple of pairs for both me and Rachel before our first Camino back in 2016.  I have never looked back.

Runners use them all the time, but I rarely see hikers or walkers using no-tie-laces and I am not really sure why?

Benefits of using this style of a shoelace:-

  • No need to stop to tie up your shoelaces when out on a walk as they never come undone.
  • No more muddy hands or cold fingers!
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Super easy to use
  • They fit all sorts of boots, trainers or shoes.
  • They also come in a whole range of colours, although I only have black ones currently available on my website. (or try Amazon)

Purchase a pair today - Click here

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