Item: Britain's 50 Weird Place Names

Total Cost: £14.99

Used for: Creating new quirky walks

Enjoyment Level: Brilliant fun!

Treat of the week - Rude & Quirky Place Names of Britain

When I spotted this map on Amazon it didn't take long before I found myself clicking the "buy now" button.  I was quite excited when it arrived the next day and I have spent a good few hours absorbing the map with all it's odd and quirky place names and quietly giggling away to myself.  My mind is racing with all the walks that I can arrange for the Adventure Geek walking club which will include places such as Golden Balls or Devils Arse!

Blurb from Amazon:

This fun, slightly cheeky and mildly educational tour of Great Britain introduces to you to some of our favourite places, such as Bottom Burn, Fulking Hill, Great Snoring, Dull, Old Sodbury or Wigtwizzle.

Printed in the same format as a traditional folded map, the front contains a detailed map with hundreds of place names, some guides to what some of those words mean, plus the top 50 as chosen by ST&G cartographers. The reverse has loads of space to plan your very own 'Rude Trip' (can you see what they did there?) tour of Britain, add your own lists and notes and even rest your mug.

Over 2,000 of the funniest, rudest and quirkiest genuine homegrown British place names.

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