Ep11 – The Camino Talk Show with Pilgrim Bubba Edwards

Bubba from Virginia was a 360llb (his words) guy who walked the Camino for personal reasons (which he shares with everyone). This interview is totally inspiring! If you are worried that perhaps you may not be fit enough, or you need the best gear then think again. Bubba is now full of life with a laugh that is infectious!

QUOTES: Troubles are like a hurricane, one you get into the middle you feel calm, but you need to get through the other part!

Such an amazing story….

1. Hear about the Camino cry – everyone has at least one, Bubba had 4!
2. Bubba turned up in Spain without training or reading anything about the Camino. He was a true Camino virgin in the real sense of the word.
3. Find out how he coped with blisters the size of apples and a gout attack in his foot in the last 20 KM!
4. I don’t want to spoil it, but he had one hell of a first day on the Pyrenees – you just have to listen to find out what happened!
5. How heavy was his pack? Yep, it was 60llbs! or 27kg! Crazy
6. Hear what items he discarded within a few days!
7. Who else do you know that would carry 60 cigars along the Camino?
8. A fantastic tip that he shares with us about washing your clothes on the Camino!
9. Regrets – he didn’t document the journey ie: write more!
10. Food – Bubba gets very passionate about the food!
11. Eating grapes, apples, blackberries and walnuts found along the trail is something all pilgrims should do!
12. Guess how much weight he lost on the trip? You will be amazed!
13. One thing he found strange was to have mixed gender bathrooms – they don’t do that in America.
14. Sex toys in the vending machines! What is all that about? lol!
15. Someone put a yellow taped arrow outside of his classroom and he instantly felt compelled to walk the Camino again – Bubba will be setting foot on the Pyrenees again in July 2019!
16. Bubba feels closer to people he met on the Camino to some people that he sees every day.
17. Camino Blues / Pilgrim Sickness what is this and how does it affect you?
18. What he has learned on the Camino he puts into his daily life.
19. The Camino has been the answer to his depression and anxiety problems. Bubba now laughs a lot (and you hear his laughter in this audio!).
20. Did you ever use the luggage transfer service?
21. The guy who saved his life on the Pyrenees was the first person he saw when he limped into Santiago – tears galore!

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