How to Live Adventurously Every Day

One of my past-times is to indulge in YouTube videos. I watch all sorts of videos from people who have accomplished amazing things in their lives, to gear reviews and personal development.  I may watch the story of someone climbing Everest or walking the Pacific Crest Trail, or even rowing the English Channel.  I am not sure why, but I find myself attracted to these videos.  Perhaps the sense of adventure is in my core?

My first long-distance trip was at the age of 14!

I was fourteen years old in 1985 when I and a school friend set out with our bikes and brand new panniers heading for Yorkshire.  When I think about it now, I would never have let my 14-year-old daughter on her own to cycle around the Yorkshire Moors at the age of 14, but hey ho, I don't think my parents had a choice.  I remember arguing with my dad about it as I could not see any danger whatsoever, it was an adventure that I was seeking and this was my answer.   Every time he challenged me, I had an answer!  I had planned every detail from where I and Sadie (my mate) were going to stay (mainly Youth Hostels) to how much money I needed, to printed routes.  I had worked hard at a local chemist every evening and weekend so I had the money – there was no reason for me to NOT do this!

We had no mobile phones in 1985 and my dad made me go to the police station at every town that we stopped, to “report in” and let my parents know that I was safe.  I should probably tell you at this point that my father was a policeman during this time and therefore the communication was quick and easy.  It was better than giving “3 rings” from a phone box.

Anyway, that was my first adventure.  A cycling tour that started in York, up through the moors, across to Saltburn By The Sea and Scarborough, down to Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay and then back to York before taking the train home.  I LOVED it!  As soon as I got home I remember planning my next trip which we completed the following year around the Cotswolds.

What happened to that 14-year-old adventurous soul?

Life happens.  At the age of 16 I met a boy, and before you know it I had a house and responsibilities.  Fast forward to the age of 47 I look back with no regrets.  I have an amazing daughter a husband that I love and a marriage that I cherish.  That adventurous 14-year-old is still lurking in the background and these last few years she has made an appearance a few times!

During my binge watching on YouTube, I stumbled upon a video from Alistair Humphries.  OMG!  It was as if he was talking to me.  If you have a spare 25 mins and you are looking for more adventure in your life then please take the time to watch this video. (see below)

A smile came over my face as the penny dropped.  I don't need to complete these big adventures like the Camino or Driving Route 66 to feel like I had pacified my adventurous soul, I can complete lots of mini-adventures or “micro-adventures” to get my kick.

Planning some micro-adventures

The plan is to put together at least one micro-adventure each month during 2019 and see how I get on.  I will publish these in a blog in a few weeks but to give you a taste, here are some micro-adventures that are currently on my list.  (Some of these adventures I will be adding as an event for anyone who wants to join me.

#1 –  Witness a Supermoon at an amazing location

#2 –  Have breakfast in the woods

#3 – One-weekend play “Spin the bottle” – Go for a walk and every time I hit a junction, let a bottle decide which way I turn.

#4 – Stargaze from a bothy in Wales

#5 –  Wild camp on an Island for one night

#6 – Go skinny dipping (I've never done that)

These are just a few ideas, but I have a whole list of options – I just need to decide which ones I am going to commit to for 2019.  Watch this space.