The day of very few cafes, weird tombs and a lovely surprise.


19.30 miles, 44k steps, 30.5 km

Rachel and I left Samos after a long breakfast around 7.30am.  The terrain had its moments of tough uphills and steep descents but overall it was a fairly easy day.  The weather was overcast until late afternoon and once again we had forwarded Rachel’s pack.

We caught up with Julie in Sarria (big city) and after a break, all three of us walked together. A few coffee shops, quick river padding, many photos, avoided thunderstorms, regretted not stopping at the hostel with the pool and a few sing-songs later and our hostel was in sight.

Upon arriving at the brand new hostel in the middle of nowhere I jumped for joy as a friendly face embraced me in a huge hug. Peter from Germany who we never thought we would see again is in the bunk next to me!!

We’ve had a fabulous day. We’ve met new people and also spent time with some people that we know quite well now. We said goodbye to Sue, Luca and Ana as they stormed ahead and put in a massive 40 km day. We hope to see them again in the next few days.

Night night everyone

PS: We found out what the French word for “Seal” is (not to be repeated out loud in a busy pub!)