The day we saw our first glimpse of Santiago

DISTANCE:18 miles (lots of exploring today, 41k steps, 29km

We started we the day with the best breakfast so far.  Banana, yoghurt, honey, croissants, a mug of coffee and toast. Perfect!!

It’s been another wonderful day of Forrest trails. Today the trees looked rather mysterious and magical.

We stopped for an early lunch with fellow pilgrims at 11.30am. An hour later we continued our walk all the way to Monte del Gonzo.

I had mixed emotions when Rachel and I first arrived. This Albergue is like no other. It holds 400 beds and the site looks like a prison camp. We didn’t see any familiar faces and we knew Julie & crew were a few hours behind us.  We dropped our bags at “The Prison” and walked up to the sculptures where we caught our first clear views of Santiago and the three spires of the cathedral.

After discussions about how this Albergue would be excellent in “The Walking Dead” we had a brief chat about perhaps walking the extra 3 miles to Santiago. It was only brief as I’m keen on seeing the sunrise over the city in the morning and I want to have energy when I finish this journey, not be hot, sweaty and tired.

I had a shower at “The Prison”. It was one of those communal showers where you have to dress in the open (not very British!). The door to the shower was made for very weird shaped people as it hardly covered anything! Imagine my horror when I am washing shampoo from my hair and I hear a male voice singing. Luckily he continues to mop the floor with his head down, otherwise, he would have had a surprise!

Pizza and then an early night as we walk into Santiago tomorrow.

What a journey it’s been!