The day of walking with cows, smiley dog faces, playing leapfrog and saxophone playing.

DISTANCE: 18 miles, 41k steps,

We no longer see storks nests, but I did see two in a field today! We now see and hear cockerels and chickens everywhere! As I’m typing two cockerels are having a full on the conversation!

Our hostel was meant to be open for breakfast at 7 am. By 7.15am we gave up and decided to walk the 1.5km trek to the next village in search of hot coffee and croissants. 6 miles later we finally found a fab cafe along with Julie, Louise and Daniel (and the wheelbarrow people).

The next section of the trail was very peaceful and I decided that today was going to be my “thinking day”.  Thinking about my future and envisioning what life will be life a few years from now.  Many people walk The Way as they are at a crossroads in their life. I can honestly say that I think my last two Camino’s have sorted any issues that I may have had. I’m really happy in my life, I have a brilliant, supportive husband, my work colleagues are the best a boss could ask for and I have an amazing relationship with my daughter. I see my brother and mum as often as I can and the time we spend together is quality. Life is good.

Needless to say, my thinking time didn’t last that long and I was soon back to absorbing my surroundings and enjoying my random shuffle selection on my iPhone.

Julie was on a mission today and we only caught a quick glimpse of her a few times (mainly cafe’s). As we approached our final destination for the day we heard music and a saxophone playing.  Guess who sitting there enjoying another coffee and had already had a dance with the locals…. Julie!

It’s much more expensive in Galacia, so I need to find an ATM machine tomorrow!