When I was in the preparation stage of my first Camino, I became a little bit obsessed.  My fascination for the Camino drove me to read forums every day,  consume blogs and books, watching YouTube videos and listening to podcasts.  What got my attention more than anything else was the stories that I heard from real pilgrims who had walked this amazing pilgrimage.

Once I had returned from that first Camino in 2016, like many other pilgrims, I suffered from the Camino blues.  My friends and family would raise their eyebrows in a “here she goes again”  when I started talking about the Camino but I was desperate to reminisce about my travels to keep the magic alive. 

As I am about to embark on my fifth Camino journey, it dawned on me that I am still trying to keep the magic alive.  After speaking to some of my Camino family, I realise that others feel the same way.  The Camino Talk Show was born! 

What is The Camino Talk Show?

The Camino Talk Show is an interview with pilgrims.  It will be no longer than 1hr and will showcase a chosen pilgrim who has walked a Camino.  It may not be the full trail, and it may not always be the Frances route, but each pilgrim chosen will have a story to tell.  If you know of a fellow pilgrim who would be interested in being interviewed then please ask them to message julia@adventuregeek.co.uk for more details.

Where can you listen to the show?

The show will be broadcast to five channels from 26th October 2018.

  • Facebook – on the Adventure Geek Facebook Page, every Friday at 7 pm (UK time)
  • YouTube – on the Adventure Geek YouTube Channel – every Friday @ 7 pm (UK time)
  • iTunes – if listening is more your thing, then you will be able to download the podcast (just search the iTunes store for The Camino Talk Show and subscribe to the podcast)
  • Stitcher Radio – for your Android listeners, the podcast version will also be available for download on Stitcher.
  • Adventure Geek Website – once it has been broadcast, I will also produce a version for the Adventure Geek website, with a full transcript as I appreciate that some people would rather read than listen.

I am very excited about this journey, and I hope you will come along for the ride.