Weekly Hiking Tip – Podcast by Dan Feldman

weekly hiking tip podcast
Weekly hiking tip podcast

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I love to listen to podcasts in the car, on a walk or even on a full hike.   Let me introduce to you another good podcast called The Weekly Hiking Tip.  (although they are not always every week!).

Whether you're planning a weekend overnight or a months-long hike of the Appalachian Trail, Weekly Hiking Tip will save you time, money, agony, and facilitate a fun, successful journey into the outdoors. Join Dan Feldman, author of Long Distance Hiking and 2-time thru-hiker, each week as he shares backpacking tips from aches and pains to z-rests.

I have learned lots of tips, from which choice of stove/cooker to buy, to how to prevent blisters.  Most of the episodes are short in length so they are easy to digest.  He is only just starting out and the audio and content is getting better and better with each episode.