Five Gadgets That I Adore for All My Hiking Trips

5 hiking and backpacking items that I love


Last week I put together a video of the five items that I had purchased that were a complete waste of money.  (see here).  This week, I thought it would be wise to add a topic that was a bit more helpful and added some value for you guys with the five gadgets that I love!  It was actually very difficult to chose these five items as I have so many little items in my rucksack that I could not live without, but these seem the most useful.

All of these products are always safely tucked inside Nellie (my rucksack) on every single hike or adventure.

Item #1 – Dirty Girl Gaiters

Don;t you just love the name of this product? They were originally designed for ultrarunners to keep rocks, pebbles and sand out of your running shoes.  There is nothing more frustrating than having to stop and remove your shoe to take out a stone.  When you say the word “gaiters” most people visualise heavy waterproof gaiters that you would use in the winter to stop snow getting in your shoe, but these are certainly not waterproof.  I love them as they are very light (less than 2oz for the pair) and they do the job of keeping stuff out of my hiking boots. They are not just for girls, and you will see many guys wearing these on the trail.  They have a whole range of designs from skulls to rainbows.

Visit Dirty Girl website here: 

I purchased mine from Cotswold Outdoors in the UK @ £20 – click here

Item #2 – Travel Adapter – 4 USB

This fabulous travel adaptor has x 4 USB ports which will end up making you extremely popular in any hostel where electric sockers are in short supply.  This particular travel adapter by Lencent charges extremely fast, which is always a bonus when you are on the trail.

By a travel adapter from Amazon here: 

Item #3 – Leki Nordic Travel Poles

I have been Nordic Walking for the last 10 years or so and I would never use trekking poles due to the strap issues.  Read all about the difference between Nordic Poles and Trekking Poles here. In the last ten years I have experimented with a range of poles, but the Leki Trailsticks are certainly the best so far.  I love them as they fold up into a timy bag and they fit snuggly inside Nellie (my pack) in readiness for the flight.  I have travelled with these inside my pack as “carry on” on a few occassions, however recent changes to various budget airlines means that all walking poles need to be put in the hold.

When travelling, my poles fit inside my pack, and then I get my pack “wrapped” before saying goodbye at the drop off baggage area.  Check out this blog, which shows you a quick video of Nellie in the wrapper at Stansted Airport!

Purchase from Nordic Walking UK website here. 

Item #3a – Leki Shark Gloves

The straps on Nordic Poles are fabulous, but sometimes they can be a little bit uncomfortable and cause some chaffing.  Many Nordic Walkers will wear running gloves to protect their hands from the straps (you will experience the same with trekking poles if you are walking long distances such as the Camino, or the Applicacion Trail).   I have two sets of special Nordic Walking Gloves that attach to the poles.  I have short fingered (summer) and long fingered gloves (winter).  You can purchase them in black or white and they are super comfy!

Purchase from the Nordic Walking UK website:

Item #3b – StixSkin

In my opinion it is important to add  a bit of personality to your hiking gear.  Not only do I have badges and patches on Nellie (my pack), but I have also personalised my Nordic Poles with a StixSkin design.  I have purchased a Camino style to “pimp my poles”.  (check them out in the video).

Purchase from Stixskins at £4.99 a pair.  Click here

Item #4 – Polaroid Zip Printer

I love my little printer.  It syncronises with my phone and I can print little photos and add them to my journal or travel book whilst on the trail.  There is no ink, just special paper (that is actually quite expensive, but well worth it!).  Check out the video above to see my little travel book and how I use this printer every day.  I love it!

Features and specifications: 

  • Prints Directly from Your Mobile Phone or Tablet via Bluetooth or NFC Technology
  • Works With PREMIUM Zink zero papers – ZINK Paper Means No Ink. No Hassles
  • 2×3” Photos Are Full-Color & Smudge-Proof, and Feature Peel-Back, Sticky Paper
  • Your Purchase Includes a FREE Download of Polaroid ZIP App for iOS & Android
  • Measures a Compact 2.9 Inches x 4.7 Inches x 0.9 Inches; Weighs Just 6.6 Ounces

Purchase for approx £109 from Amazon: – 

Item #5 – Belkin Apple Watch and iPhone Powerpack

My final gadget is a power pack that charges my Apple Watch x 8 times and my iPhone x 3 times from Belkin. You can't go wrong with Belkin products as they are approved by Apple, so you know that they are good quality.  I have no regrets and it goes with me everywhere, even when I am not on the trail.

Features and specifications: 

  • Compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3
  • Multiple recharges: 6700 mAh battery has enough capacity to charge your Apple watch up to 8x with one charge or to recharge your iPhone up to 3x
  • Shared power: 1 A USB port allows sharing the battery for simultaneously charging a watch and iPhone or any other USB-compatible device while on the go
  • Smart charging: Built-in magnetic charging module works with all Apple watch versions and smart chips inside the valet charger automatically detect the connected devices to begin charging instantly, ensuring optimal, safe charging in the short possible time
  • MFi certified: Certified by Apple to work with Apple watch and iPhones like iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, SE, 5s, 5c and 5 

What is your favourite gadget for your hiking kit? I would love to know. What do you love that you would not hike without? What is your luxury item?