Day 6 – Pamplona to Puente la Reina



Weather: way to hot!!! We all got sunburnt.

Fitness: All of us are feeling ok. Julie has a bad knee, Rachel has sore shoulders and feet and I feel fine. Our friend Brad had a very bad day with his knee and he just kept going on his own today. We missed him, and we've been thinking about him all day.

Notes along The Way

Julie got up early and left our hotel before Rachel and I. Pamplona was like a ghost town at 7am except for the odd pilgrim! Coffee tastes so good in Spain!

We finally set off at 7.30am and it took us a good 30 mins to walk across the city. We headed into the hills and our first break was around 10am at a small village called Zariqueigui. Here we caught up with friends and got our passports stamped in the church and little cafe. I also purchased a new pin for my bag.

By 12 noon I was elated as we reached Alto del Perdon (The Iron Sculptures). There are two key things that I want to experience on the Camino, and the first one is the iron sculptures – tick!! It was breathtaking and Rachel and I enjoyed a whopping big burger from the top! From here, it was all downhill. Easy! Yeah, right! In the blazing Spanish heat, we were all really struggling towards the end, but the final destination can only be rescinded as paradise!

The hostal/Hotel is amazing. We shared a meal with Fernando, Ale (it was her 50th birthday), Jon & Clais. We've had a truly fantastic night playing spoons, drinking wine and just meeting so many new people. Spoons got really loud!

Rachel and I have our own room & bathroom and its bliss. We have also pre-booked a night for tomorrow in Estella and arranged for our luggage to be sent on.

I will be sad to leave this wonderful place. Unless you have experienced the Camino then you can't really put it into words. It's out of this world and I can't wait to plan the next stage.

Signing out tonight. Beun Camino!